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Jason Tom Bio: An Idea Worth Spreading Like PB & J

From Kauluwela Tiger Cubs to McKinley Tigers: Jason Tom, Hawaii’s Human Beatbox, is a “walking, talking instrument; an energetic combination of drums, snare, vocals and synthesizer, all replicated using his voice.”

Based in Honolulu’s Chinatown, Jason began beatboxing at the tender age of four, began recording at six and performing at 21. He is a drug free artist who performed on Hawaii Children & Youth Day and toured with Music With A Message, Say Yes to Purpose, Meth Hawaii Project, RAP: Real And Power and Choose Aloha. Jason has opened for Michael Winslow, Quest Crew, the Jabbawockeez, and Mike Love. He has also performed live with Tom Thum, Jake Shimabukuro, Tavana, Makana, Kamueala Kahoano, Imua Garza, Kealoha Wong, and Taimane.

  • Began beatboxing, August 1987
  • Began recording beatboxing, 1989 to present 
  • Began performing LIVE beatboxing, August 2004 to present 
  • Facilitating Hawaii Beatbox workshops, after school & summer school programs, 2006 to present 
  • Beatbox Battle TV Maximum Respect Award: Legend Lifetime Achievement Award (Fan Favorite)
  • Beatbox Battle TV Maximum Respect Award: Pioneer Award (Fan Favorite)
  • 4x HawaiiSlam First Thursdays Grand Finalist 
  • Kamehameha Schools EdTech Disrupt Conference Presenter 
  • McDonald’s NextNext Music Contest Finalist
  • Featured in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Library & Archives 
  • Featured in the Harvard University Hip-Hop Archives
  • Hawaii All-Star nominated representative for the 4th Beatbox Battle World Championship
  • Word of Life’s G12 Hawaii “Awaken to Conquer” Conference Emerge Pre-Concert Rally
  • Hosted Hawaii Beatbox Concert
  • Performed at the 5th American Beatbox Championship
  • Judged Inaugural Hawaii Beatbox Championship
  • Hawaii Scene Choice “Best Performer” Award 
  • TEDx Honolulu Conference Presenter Award: Vocal Groove 
  • TEDx Talk “It’s About Time” Conference Presenter
  • Road to Southby: Battle of the Bands Finalist
  • ReThink Conference Speaker Series Presenter 
  • Judged International Online Beatbox Championships
  • Performed at the 1st American Beatbox Championship
  • Wrote, composed & performed Human Beatbox music on Na Hoku Hanohano Award (Hawaii Grammy Award) nominated Best Hip-Hop/RnB album
  • Best of Honolulu Weekly’s Local Musician Deserving of a Wider Audience
  • Performed at the 6th BoxCon: International Human Beatbox Convention
  • Opened for Michael Winslow the Man of 10,000 Sound Effects (Police Academy, Spaceballs)
  • Opened for America’s Best Dance Crew: the Jabbawockeez
  • Hawaii’s Got Talent Grand Finalist
  • Opened for America’s Best Dance Crew: Quest Crew
  • TEDx Talk “Shift” Conference Presenter
  • Word of Life Hawaii’s Emerge Talent Show Grand Finalist
  • 4x KCC Talent Show Finalist

Hawaii Beatbox Founder & Program Director: Jason Tom

  • Hawaii Beatbox After School Program at Keʻelikolani Middle School Bulldogs, 2023
  • Hawaii Beatbox Summer Program at Prisma Dance, 2018
  • Hawaii Beatbox Summer Program at Prisma Dance, 2017
  • Hawaii Beatbox Classes at Diverse Art Center, 2015
  • Hawaii Beatbox School Tour, 2015
  • Hawaii Beatbox Classes at Diverse Art Center, 2014
  • Hawaii Beatbox Concert, 2014
  • Hawaii Beatbox Championship, 2014
  • Hawaii Beatbox School Tour, 2014
  • Hawaii Beatbox Classes at Diverse Art Center, 2013
  • Hawaii Beatbox MEʻE After School Program at Waikiki Elementary, 2013
  • Hawaii Beatbox School Tour, 2013
  • Hawaii Beatbox Classes at Chinatown Artist Lofts, 2012
  • Hawaii Beatbox School Tour, 2012
  • Hawaii Beatbox Classes at Chinatown Artist Lofts, 2011
  • Hawaii Beatbox School Tour, 2011
  • Hawaii Beatbox Classes at Diverse Art Center, 2010
  • Hawaii Beatbox School Tour, 2010
  • Hawaii Beatbox Workshops at Waiau Elementary Dolphins, 2010
  • Hawaii Beatbox School Tour, 2009
  • Hawaii Beatbox Workshop at Word of Life Academy Firebrands, 2008
  • Hawaii Beatbox After School Program at Planet Central Middle School Bulldogs, 2006

Fan Favorites: Jason Tom YouTube Videos

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  10. HawaiiSlam presents 16th First Thursdays Grand Slam Final: Jason Tom
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  34. NFL Super Bowl Night in Chinatown Block Party Jason Tom
  35. Jason Tom at Pearl City HS

From Judo Champion to Human Beatbox Champion

One stormy night, at age 21, judo champion Jason Tom in his Air Jordan track suit collided with a vehicle as a pedestrian. His desire would’ve been to have competed in national and international judo competitions, but the collision put that to a complete hault. He stepped away from judo to return to college and step into his role as Hawaii’s first Human Beatbox star. He went on to win multiple talent and music competitions. He opened up for national acts Michael Winslow the Man of 10,000 Sound Effects, the Jabbawockeez and Quest Crew. Hard work and dedication.

From Struggling Math Student to Math Coach

Jason Tom performed not just on the stage, but he also put in the work in the classroom. He was a struggling math student who “judo flipped” the script to be an A math student. His math professor referred him to be a campus Supplemental Instruction math leader to be a peer-mentor to college math students. Hard work and dedication.